Marvel’s Superhumans Who Are Neither Superheros Or Villains

Marvel is a diverse world of its own and while most of us would categorize people as heroes and villains, some superhumans like to stay low-key and not fall into any of these categories.

The Superhumans

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The world talks tons about Captain America and Doctor Doom but there are superhumans out there who would use their special powers to cause an impact but will not entirely stick to a tag.

Unlimited Class Wrestling Federation (UCWF)

The class does not differentiate between its students. It accepts anyone and everyone ranging from Eternals to Aliens. Everyone who has the capability and skill can participate.

It would take a lot to make to the class though, it is no cakewalk. The weight classes determine how much weight one can lift. The minimum bar was set at 2 tons.

Well, this might not be the preeminent choice for you if you are not ready for some black and blue bruises on your face. Power Broken advances your abilities but it is not the safest option and can cause complications.

The implications could be serious health damage and addiction to drugs.

Lawyer For A Superhero

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Not all of us are equipped with the right physique but we may possess the brilliance in logical thinking which could open doors for new opportunities.

One of the best ways to do so would be to join an excellent law firm and climb your way up the corporate ladder. For She-Hulk, the entire team of superheroes did wonders in legitimate ways but not for heroic purposes.

Awesome Andy could use his powers to do some insane heavy-lifting work around the office. And then there was Whiz Kid who spent his time in the mailroom making sure that the couriers could be delivered in seconds.

Aren’t these superhumans fascinating in their way? Which one is your favourite? Let us know your choices and thoughts in the comment section below!

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