Better Call Saul Season 5: With Fans Going Crazy For The New Season, Here’s When Season 5 Will Be Released

The sufferings and trials of Jimmy McGill are the main focus of the series before the criminal lawyer goes on to set up his own strip-mall law office in Mexico.

When Will The Season 5 Release?

The season 5 will return to AMC on 23rd February 2020. The seasons 1-4 are available on Netflix. Season 5 will premiere on Netflix soon enough, the exact date is not out yet.

Who Will Return On The Show And Are There New Surprises?

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Source: TV Guide

According to our predictions, Jimmy will be played by Bob Odenkirk, Jonathan Banks will take on the character of Mike Ehrmantraut and Gus Fring will be portrayed by Giancarlo Esposito.

The creator has dropped hints that there is going to be Walter White who will be played by Bryan Cranston and also Jesse Pinkman portrayed by Aaron Paul.

These new entrants will bring a lot of new surprises to unfold and make the series more interesting than ever.

What To Expect From The Coming Season 5?

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Source: Vanity Fair

There are speculations that the upcoming season will have a breaking bad crossover and the fans are super enthralled to witness this.

The subplot gets to the world of breaking bad and points in the direction of Walter White territory. According to the sources, the timeline isn’t exactly well planned. In addition to this, the end of season 4 did quite set the fans on the breaking bad track.

Odenkirk says: “I also like when the story speeds up. I respect how brilliant they are at picking things apart and slowing them down but I like when things go a little faster, so for me, I feel like two seasons would be the outside of it.”

Are you excited to watch season 5 of this marvellous and intriguing show? Let us know what you feel about the crossover in the comment section below!

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