Birds of Prey: Fans React and More!!

DC comic book film and the second movie with front runner Harley Quinn premiered on the 7th of Feb 2020. And the reviews are not what you were expecting. The film follows the story of Dr Harlene Quinsel, now Harley Quinn, after her break up with the resident villain, the Joker. While her brief relationship with the Joker was both fun and abusive in equal parts, there are a lot of enemies that she has made through the stint.

What’s up with Birds of Prey?

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Namely, Black Mask. Uninventive villain name aside, Black Mask is after Harley Quinn for all the ways she and the Joker did him wrong in the past. And because she’s not under Mr J’s protection now, Black Mask presumes her to be a sitting duck. But while Black Mask is planning to exact revenge against Harley Quinn, she’s amassing a crew to catch him while he’s coming.

Harley meets a group of women who are also on the Black Mask’s hitlist, and together they make an unlikely group of assassins, killers, cabaret dancers, robbers. The movie is edgy and filled with dark humour.

Dark humour seems to be DC’s strong point, and they are working it well. With general dark undertones to all the movies they have been making, with Joker, Suicide Squad and now Birds of Prey, DC is setting a new but different benchmark for comic book movies. While none of DC’s films seems to overlap or cross over with each other, they seem to hit the mark right all on their own.

And now come the Fan Reviews…

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A lot of fans did make it a point to say that Birds of Prey seemed very Tarantinoesque. A lot of the concept of cinematography seemed inspired from works of Quentin Tarantino, with whom Robbie worked for Once upon a time in Hollywood.

The consensus of the fans is that the movie is excellent, hitting the nail right on the dot with how they develop the characters. Despite being edgy, all the humour is impeccable, with almost all comic timings landing perfectly.

Fans do make it a point to mention that while the movie has been well-received until now, there’s no guarantee that it’ll be the same for everyone. The film is not specifically mainstream and will have its critical audience. So take all the positive and negative reviews with a pinch of salt and go check out the movie for yourself.

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