Birds Of Prey: How Did Fans React To The Film? Details And More

Margot Robbie has been on a roll since the day she started working in Hollywood. With legendary performances in movies like I Tonya, Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, Wolf Of Wallstreet, The Big Short, Focus basically every movie she’s been a part of; Margot managed to receive universal acclaim. 

Certainly, there’s no second thought about her acting skills. Something similar can be said about her script choices too as the Austrian born actress is really smart with her choice of scripts. 

Serving as the producer as well as the lead, Maggot made yet another smashing movie choice. Her film, Birds of prey, received mostly positive reviews from the audiences. Furthermore, her role was also loved by the viewers. 

How Fans Reacted To The Film! 

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Source: The Verge

So, Birds of prey released on the 7th of February 2020. The shortest DC movie of all time featured an all-female cast along with a female director, writer and producer! Cathy Yan serves as the director, and Christina Hodson is the writer of the film.

A noteworthy aspect is that in Birds of prey, we’ve got women telling women stories which is always good news! Since Margot serves as the producer, it was she who insisted on getting a female director. So, thank you, Margot! 

Having said that, the Tarantino effect is still pretty apparent as the birds of prey is “more Tarantino and less comic book film.” Mostly, fans applauded the movie and praised it for being a non-stop mix between comedy, action and gore.

Some fans even compared it to Wonder Woman, claiming that Birds of prey is better than Wonder Woman. The film also received praise for Margot Robbie’s performance as Harley Quinn as well as Ella Jay Basco’s performance as Cassandra Cain.

One fan tweeted: So I just saw #BirdsofPrey & it’s a great, awesome movie I laughed a lot & how they built the characters is amazing. Margot as Harley f great, Mary Elizabeth as Huntress make me love her more & Jurnee well what can I say she didn’t disappoint me she really is Dinah Lance.

So, Birds of prey is one of those movies you just can’t afford to skip! 

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