Bojack Horseman Season 6: Insight On The Death Scene

The hugely acclaimed Netflix’s dark comedy, BoJack Horseman, has finally come to an end. The end was unexpected. The fans were expecting a different ending. The show has been showing signs since the beginning of the season that BoJack might drown in his pool. The title sequence ends when the titular protagonist, the horseman is seen floating in his pool.

The Signs

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The signs have been obvious. For instance, when in season 3, Ana Spanakopita, BoJack’s girlfriend tells him a disturbing story about drowning. There have been expectations that the last season will end finally fulfilling the prediction. We talk about the penultimate episode of the season “The View From Halfway Down”.

About The Episode

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This episode shows that BoJack is sitting with the characters who died in the series. They are having a dinner party, and it is disturbing to see that BoJack finally comes clear with what he felt for his family and friends. The episode shows the ultimate trajectory of the character coming to an end.

The viewers might think that this might be another hallucination that BoJack might be having, but this time there are clear signs that it might be not. The bright light at the end of the hallway, the presence of the dead characters and foreboding black dripping are the signs to make this fact not a dream.

What It Leads To

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As the dinner party continues, we seem to recognise more instances that suggest that BoJack might, in reality, be dead. The party appears to be a purgatory where all the dead characters are gathered to have their last meal and reminisce what they left behind. There are many characters whom BoJack never really met. For instance, Crackerjack. A bird flies by giving an omen of foretelling death. All these signs tell that BoJack had deceased.

The final episode of the show is not exactly a funeral but a farewell to the storyline of the character. At last, he is not forgiven for whatever he did. This explains that when you die, you probably take everything with yourself. The fans were more than shocked to see the ending of the show. For the last time, the show blew the viewers minds.

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