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Forwarded Mrs America Teaser: It’s Time For Women To Get Up!

The newest trailer for Mrs.America is here, and we have a lot to unpack.

A Story of the Ages

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The year is 1920, and the women have begun fighting back, to reclaim the rights that were theirs. Women-led protests, women making news, talking to interviewers are everywhere. In between of all this, lies one woman. She believes that this is propaganda. All falsified information. These women marching the streets are wearing rose-coloured glasses. And so she takes to the television. She shows the world the picture-perfect version of the American dream woman and tells them to aspire to be that. Not what these hippie women in the streets are becoming. And thus begins an epic battle: women against women.

This is the story of Mrs.America.

Streaming on Hulu right now, Mrs.America is a fictionalised version of the American Women’s suffrage movement. Cate Blanchett plays Phyllis Schlafly, a conservative radical, hell-bent on squashing the women’s liberation movement. The teaser suggests that the conservative spokesperson was previously a pageant contestant and is now using her stage for reasons genuinely unbecoming. Mrs.America released it’s teaser trailer the day of the academy awards. Its first screening was at the award show and ended to loud applause.

An Impressive Cast, even more, Impressive acting.

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Source: Twitter

The cast consists of some very impressive actors. With Sarah Paulson, Cate Blanchett, James Marsden and Uzo Aduba at the helm of the show, we are sure in for an exciting ride. The show takes a grave topic and decides to leave no casualties on its rampage. It covers feminism the way it was during the 20th century, a battlefield. Women pitted against women, with scenes turning dirty as all politics is, Mrs.America is based on real events and does feel so too.

The show shall be written and directed by Emmy award winner Dahvi Waller, and executive producers Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck shall be writing the pilot episodes.

The release date for the show is suspected to be April 15 and premieres on Hulu.

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