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No time to die: All the James Bond characters making a comeback; Details and more


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We shall always be partial to Eva Green from all the James Bond series. The beautiful agent shall forever live in our mind and hearts. But while there seems to be no likelihood of her coming back, there are many others who definitely will. We present to you, James Bond: No time to die and all the stars who are making a come back this time.

James Bond aka Daniel Craig

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Source: Observer

Now basically synonymous with each name, James Bond shall be making his return to the big screen after 2015’s Sceptre with No Time to Die. Bond took a break from the espionage thriller movie franchise by acting in Star Wars, Knives Out and many others. However, he now seems to be back for his signature role, and we couldn’t be happier.

Ernst Stavro Blofeld

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Source: The National

Two time Oscar winner Christopher Waltz is back as Ernst Stavro and is out for blood. A classic Bond villain, Ernst, was previously thwarted by Bond at the end of Sceptre though he lived to see another day. And it seems like this other day is going to feature in No Time to Die heavily.

Madeleine Swan

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Source: PopSugar

Not a typical “Bond Girl” is the tagline that follows Miss Swan. Daughter of Bond’s top adversary’s Mr White; Madeleine decides to go off of the beaten path and joins James Bond’s mission, and almost ends up dying in the process. However, they do seem to have survived and ridden off into the sunset together. While everything seems well and good, things are brewing up with the character which may ultimately lead to her betrayal, or so we assume.

Bill Tanner

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Source: Daily Express

M’s second in command and the only man to never get in on the action, Bill Tanner keeps M updated on James’s whereabouts and brings him back when needed. His role in No Time to Die seems to be the same, but we’ll only ever know after watching the movie.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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