The Witcher Might Get Better In Season 2

“Toss a coin to your witcher o valley of plenty.”

The songs haunt us and our dreams day and night, but we still could never get enough of it. It has only been two months since the Witcher has been out, but it has almost reached Game of Thrones levels of fame. And the creators of the show say that that’s just the beginning. We are here today, to tell you that Season 2 of Witcher is going to be bigger, better and more confusing than ever before. And here are all the reasons why.

A Jaw-Droppingly Thrilling Season One

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The Witcher began as primarily a show of three stories, and of how they all are connected later on. We start with Geralt of Rivia, the butcher of Blaviken who ends up slaying monsters he shouldn’t have. His conscience haunts him, and he’s never able to leave his demons behind. This turns him into more of the depressed, lonely monster-hunter he is. On his adventures with loyal steed roach and annoying human Jaskier, he runs into Yennefer of Vengerburg, whose story is also covered throughout the show.

The timeline of the show is very confusing as all the stories take place at different times and yet are shown side by side. The show’s creators aimed to create a lot of talk through this, and they have succeeded.

We want to mention a significant event that takes place before Geralt ever meets Yennefer. Geralt, upon Jaskier’s persuasion, accompanies him to the kingdom of Cintra, to princess Pavetta’s betrothal.

An Unlikely Ending, Both Suspenseful and Sweet

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Through a series of unfortunate events, Geralt ends up asking for Pavetta’s child as his gift for saving the palace from eternal destruction and Pavetta’s magic. Ciri, who’s born, is sheltered by Queen Calanthe after Pavetta’s death and is never allowed to meet Geralt. She’s also never told about him.

However, when Cintra is ambushed and conquered, Calanthe begs Ciri in a last effort to find Geralt of Rivia as he is her destiny. Thus begins Ciri’s journey to look for Geralt, and Geralt’s of making sense of his fate. The season ends with them finally meeting each other.

And this was all of Season One. If Season One is this interesting, we’re sure that Season Two would be too. The creators of the show said that Season One was indeed just a filler meant to kick start the story. With the second season releasing in January of 2021, we could only imagine what this means for the series.

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