Dark season 3 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer And What Is Hannah Doing After Staying In 1954

Dark is the German series. It is the series of time travelling to other time and dimension. And have 2 seasons. The final and the last season will be aired on Netflix in summer 2020.

Release Date 

There is no confirmed the release date of dark season 3 but we can say that it can air in summer 2020. The third season is the final season of Dark.


Louis Hofmann As Young Jonas, Jordis Trouble As Katharina, Lisa Vicari As Young Martha, Mark Waschke As Old Noah, Andreas Pietschmann As Middle-aged Jonas and Lea van Acken As Silja.

Source: The Buzz Paper


 As the season two ended it left so many unanswered questions. As we know that the third season is the last season, so we will see that who is new Martha. Many characters went to another time or in another dimension which we will see in season three. The most important part we will get to know that Adam is not an actual Jonas and if yes then How stranger Jonas turn into Adam.

These questions will be answered in the final season three.


Till today there is no official trailer aired by Netflix. But you can watch a trilogy trailer on Youtube. In the trailer, we will see if Jonas be able to stop the apocalypse and break the cycle.

What is Hannah doing after staying in 1954?

She went in 1954  just looking for Ulrich. but when things didn’t go as she planned. She decided to stay there. We can assume that after staying in 1954 Hannah can have an affair with Egon.

But it’s just a fan theory.

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