Final Space Season 3: New Characters In Season 3? Everything We Can Expect

Final Space is an animated adventure series that is a story about a cartoon boy named Gary Godspeed who travels the space galaxies to Galaxy along with his companion Mooncake. Mooncake is his alien companion who wants to destroy all the planets. Together they all travel the space, and they discover an end to end secrets about the universe.

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The Makers of Final Space

Olan Rogers and David Sacks created the series. The series was first released in February 2018 on Adult Swim. The same is a TBS network channel. The makers created a second season of the show which aired in June 2019.

The second series gathered around 13 episodes. All the episodes are about his journey of the group into space. Through the trip, they try to find Quinn and on their way they see everyone happy, the awkward family gatherings and the deadly races. The fans are in love with the series, and they love the second season.

The Recent New

There are speculations that the series has tied up for a new season renewal. In recent news, the maker Olan Rogers released a Twitter that confirmed that there would be a second season. The post said that the makers have started writing the script on the third season. In another interview, the makers also announced that they have planned six more seasons in the row and the planning of the third one has started.

Where You Can Watch me

The third season has not released a date when the episodes will be out. The TBS and Adult Swim haven’t released a date yet but comparing it with the schedules of the last few episodes, it is expected to be released in early 2020. The first two seasons have been released and are available on TBS and Adult Swim. The show is also available on Netflix to watch.

The fans love the way, the show story progresses. The characters are, fresh and it is very different from the other animated series. It is creative, and we enjoy the shenanigans that the characters do while travelling through space.

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