Netflix’s Love Is Blind: Is Reality TV Dating Bogus?

Are reality TV shows getting too much? We choose to ask this question today in light of the new TV show Love is Blind. A few weeks back we covered the TV show Love is Blind and uncovered all the mystery behind the trailer and then the show. Today we introspect the nature of this reality TV show. Was it too much or just enough?

The Bachelor, but not really.

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Love is Blind is a reality TV show that asks what The Bachelor doesn’t: Do looks matter? A dozen men and women are paired up and made to converse with each other and spend time together without actually seeing each other’s faces. They seat themselves in a couple of pods which obstruct their view but seems to have brilliant sound acoustics.

The show, Love is Blind is hosted by Vannesa and Nick Lachey. They explore the relationships of these contestants through their ups and downs and all the love. But just to make it very clear, we’d like to re-iterate, these couples are all gorgeous. The women are stunning, and the men all look dapper. The show may be asking the question do looks matter, but all the contestants are equally attractive. It also doesn’t include any same-sex couples as is with all TV reality shows. Their primary demographic being white women they cannot dare to turn them away in disgust.

A Lot of Loose Ends

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The show is, of course very sensible in a few ways; the contestant tries to get to know each other better through their likes and dislikes and not through the usual simpering date-like manner at The Bachelor. The series, however, maybe due to a lack of production costs, runs through their early bonding, leaving us wondering about how the participants managed to form such deep bonds with each other. Another question also begs to be asked through this: is Stockholm syndrome to be considered while taking into account the participant’s experience as they have had virtually no outside romantic contact to make a choice.

In the end, we ask just one question: While shows like Love is Blind could be actual science experiments or could be just a fad, do we as intelligent, educated individuals need it?

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