Riverdale Season 5- Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer And What Is Charles Planning?

Riverdale- a Netflix show which is loved by literally almost every teenager out there. With the latest announcement by CW in January 2020 about the release of the fifth season release of Riverdale, fans are waiting eagerly of what might be the plot now! The twists and turns, the eagerness and the whole storyline is an interesting watch. Those who have still not watched Riverdale (really, you didn’t?), go watch it and binge-watch the whole season today only!

In this article, we have covered up a bit of what the fans had anticipated all this while, and all the juicy news too.

Its the final senior of Archie, Betty, Veronica and Jughead, and of course there are mysteries to solve and horrors waiting for them.

Riverdale season 5: Release date and trailer

When can we see the whole gang returning with their Riverdale mysteries to keep us entertained? If we make a note of the history of all the season date releases we can expect Riverdale Season 5 to be out by 2020. We have not been given the Trailer yet but we do expect little hints here and there in the trailer to be out soon.

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Who will be in the cast?

Though we are all waiting for the whole core team of Riverdale to be in the final cast, if there are new additions it will be a major surprise too. One major member we might to witness in season 5 is Ashleigh Murray. Ashleigh was playing the role of Josie McCoy but it’s unlikely to see her again.

What’s the plot?

This question is really difficult to answer seeing to surprises that Riverdale puts out every time. But we can say that we might witness betty in her dark and wild side again, Archie’s beautiful body and Veronica leading up to be a successful business person.

What is Charles planning?

Charles is like the big brother protecting the family. We might see Charles investigating Mr Honey or Jughead through the show. Fans argue if Charles has the killer gene like Betty or not. One can also expect Charles’s dark side is revealed in Season 5.

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