Seven Deadly Sins Season 4 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer and how Humans are so strong?

The seven deadly sins are an anime show which is quite popular on Netflix too. Anime fans cheered when the show aired on Netflix. The Seven Deadly Sins currently has 3 seasons and they have successfully gained the fame they deserved! Season 4 of the Seven Deadly Sins could air very soon on Netflix. Fans are anticipating lots of twists and turns in the show.

There’s a lot of stories still left to cover and we can’t wait for it too!

When can we expect the release?

We too waited for the release date to be 8th January 2020 as some of you might know already. This was the message we got from Japan. The Seven Deadly Sins will air its episodes each week.

The show will start on 22nd September and will take a 2-week Christmas break too. The finale of the season will be on 25th March, 2020.2.17

Source: Otakukart


Many mysteries are yet to be solved in the Seven Deadly Season 4. We can expect the core team to be stuck throughout this season too. We saw Meliodas’ surrendering last. What other challenges can we expect?

The plot of the show

Season 4 of Seven Deadly sins will see one of the most awaited reunions of Netflix. The Camelot Kingdom tumbles to Zeldris. Is the last of this kingdom? Meliodas’ will go with Elizabeth and will be facing a lot of challenges in the way too. How will he surrender to the evil spirit?


The trailer was a total fire for the audience and we are totally loving it. The team of Seven Deadly Sins has already released their trailer for the 4rth season. Do watch it if you haven’t already.

How humans are so strong?

We can witness Meliodas being the strongest among the Seven Deadly Sins. We can also notice Ban’s snatch and the superhuman strength. The seven deadly sins are ranked differently according to their strength and their score of combat class.

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