The Blacklist Season 8 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer and Is It Time To Go Back To The Drawing Board With Ilya?

Elizabeth Keen’s life takes a new course when Red, a mysterious criminal, turns himself in and is only willing to talk to her. The NBC show first aired in 2013 and has been loved immensely by the audience since then.

When Will The Show Go On Air?

As the previous track records suggest that the series has a new season around September-October; we are placing the bet at the same time. In other words, the season 8 will premiere somewhere late in September.

The trailer hasn’t been released yet and it would probably be out during early September. It will be fun to predict the plot from the trailer, watch this space for more updates!

The Predicted Cast

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Source: Variety

James Spader will return as Raymond ‘Red’ Reddington. The brilliant actor pulled the role of serial killer turned into a criminal profiler wonderfully.

Megan Boone will play the role of Liz. An interesting question that arises is that will Laila Robins make a comeback?

What Will The New Season Be About?

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Source: Entertainment Weekly

Since season 7 ended on a bunch of surprises it is very difficult to predict. Although, we are sure of the fact that the coming season will have a lot of plot twists.

Reddington does tell the truth, a twisted truth to be accurate. The storyline will align with the present logic. We can finally decipher more about Red’s true identity and comprehend a lot more about him.

There might be a new triangle between Katarina, Liz, and Red. This will give a new essence of the mythology of the show. Also, we will know why Red came into Liz’s life. There are a ton of secrets to unfold and the audience is going to be intrigued.

What are your expectations from the coming season? Let us know how the plot might take a new course in the comment section below!

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