The Witcher: 10 Most Shameless Things Geralt Has Done

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With 76 Million views, The Witcher and Geralt of Rivera’s gigantic arms received a different kind of popularity. Here’s a list of ten most shameless things Geralt did in season one of The Witcher! 

1. Messing Up Yennefer’s Destiny 

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When Geralt realizes that it’s him and not Jaskier who’s bound to the Djinn, his very first move is to save Yennefer. Even though there were a million ways to save Yennefer, he chose the most strange one. Geralt shamelessly decides to bind their fates together, robbing Yennefer’s free will.

2. Hiding The Whole Fate Story From Yennefer 

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Despite the physical intimacy Geralt and Yennefer shared, he did not reveal what he had wished for and how it would affect her. He kept it away from her for a long time even though they were growing close to each other. 

3. Finding And Unleashing The Djinn

Because of countless nights without peaceful sleep, Geralt was visibly tired. So, in order to use the Djinn as a solution for his insomnia, he finds one, and it does not go well. His careless move could have killed Yennefer and Jaskier.

4.Law Of Surprise 

Geralt somehow, stupidly yet shamelessly managed to invoke the law of surprise. However, he wasn’t ready for a child. 

5. Rejecting Destiny 

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Soon, after invoking the law if surprise, Geralt was bound to take care of the unborn princess which he shamelessly refused to do. This act caused a lot of harm to many people. 

6. Yelling At Jaskier 

By the end of season one, there’s a moment in which Geralt’s furious because of a lot of things. Jaskier tries to help out instead Geralt shamelessly yells at him. Furthermore, he blames everything on Jaskier. Consequently, they separate, which is truly disheartening to watch. 

7. Leaving Ciri 

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Since he rejected destiny, Ciri’s life was also affected. Geralt was supposed to take care of her, and because of him, Ciri had to face multiple difficulties. 

8. Taking So Long To Get Back 

Geralt took more than a decade to acknowledge the importance of his destiny finally and to return to Ciri. All this time, he knew what’s his actual fate, yet he avoided it for so long. 

9. Striga Bait 

Probably one of the most iconic moments of the show was when Geralt had to fight with the Striga. Having said that, it was insanely brutal to let someone be mutilated by a Striga knowingly. 

10. Killing Renfri 

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Indeed, Geralt was put in an adamant position. Also, it wasn’t his first choice to kill her, but he eventually did that. Perhaps, he really did not have any other option, but it was plain brutal to watch. 

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