Fargo Season 4 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer and What we are expecting?

Fargo is officially back! And it brings with it, another crime has gone wrong, or maybe, hilariously wrong. The show has been playing games with its fanbase, even leaving them in the dark for a long, long time, with regards to a season 4. However, the show’s director recently came out to say that they are ready with Season 4 and they now have a trailer to prove it.

A Tried and Tested Theme

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Each season of Fargo takes place around a dark, morally twisted, serial-comedic tale of MidWest America’s vilest people, and the people tasked with bringing them back to the line. Each season takes place in a different era and tackles a different story, though there are beautiful overlaps for the new and old. The stories turn into some of the best TV show episodes Television has to offer. The team has continued this tradition of the series. They have commented that Season 4 is possibly the biggest and most spectacular one out of all them, and maybe even them put together. Time can only tell if Fargo will meet its brag. For now, here is all we know about the new season of Fargo.

The New Season, The New Story

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Being an anthology series, each season has an entirely new cast. Chris Rock shall be leading Fargo Season 4 as Loy Cannon, the leader of a black crime ring who has moved north to escape racial segregation and its laws. The crew, however, ends up feuding with the already present Kansas City mafia.

Chris Rock is sure to bring his comedic timing into the show. However, it remains to be seen if he shall do the same with the dramatic load. He shall be accompanied by Jason Schwartzman, Jessie Buckley, Jeremy Harris, Ben Whishaw, Amber Midthunder and many more.

Fargo Season 4 releases on April Twenty One of 2020.

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