Locke and Key Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, and Ellie is lost to us for good?

Portraying a dark theme the show Locke and Key took positive signs a very long time to reach us. Fans have loved season 1 and are hungry for season 2 now. Filled with lights and darkness, doors, locks and keys the trailer unlocked a mysterious show for us.

Going through season 1 we know season 2 can be out for us soon too! IGN reported Carlton Cuse exciting us with the news that the team of writers has already started working on the season 2 episodes. The new journey of Joe Hill’s story is ready to be on the screen now.

Release date

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Source: Syfy Wire

Netflix has not shown any positive signs and we are waiting for it eagerly. This season premiere earlier this month so there’s a chance that we might not see season 2 this year. We expect the mid of 2021 to be the release for the most awaited show of Netflix.


If the show picks up from where it was last then we might see the old core team back. The writers, directors, and producers are very selective of their actors and wish to choose the best ones. The cast could be again the same or we might even see new faces too.


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Source: Forbes

The plot of the show was a hunt for keys. The omega keys are the main things that will bring a twist in the story. Cuse says that are things bundled up for the second season. A refresh in the show will be a kind of surprise for the audience too.


We have not received any news of the show yet so a trailer around the corner is something we won’t hear for a long time. But if you are still eager like us, you can read the comics to get a bit of an idea

What about Ellie?

Ellie the girl in love with Luke is a character of the story. The kids have threw Ellie as they thought she was the demon. Questions are around us in the air still.

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