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Pirates of the Caribbean 6 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer and Davy Jones Have A Son?

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Pirates of the Caribbean is a series of fantasy swashbuckler films produced by Jerry Bruckheimer and loosely. Based on Walt Disney’s eponymous theme park ride. Directors of the series include Gore Verbinski (films 1-3), Rob Marshall (4) and Joachim Rønning and Espen Sandberg (5).

Pirates of the Caribbean 6 might be the sequel of its fifth half ‘Lifeless Males Inform No Tales’ which arrived in 2017. This time, for writing the script, Disney has signed Ted Elliot and Craig Mazin. And once more like each different half, Joachim Rønning is directing the movie.

Release date

The film was expected to get released this year. But the new writers Jeff Nathanson and Terry Rossio are working on the script of the film. So, Disney is in the early stage of making this film. Release of the movie should now be somewhere around mid-2021.


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Kaya Scodelario has already confirmed her return to the franchise for the next film but Johnny Depp’s declining popularity and domestic problem make his return unlikely. Possibility of not seeing Depp in the film was confirmed by the newly appointed writers of the series. There have been rumours surrounding Johnny Depp demanding steep payout which led to a rift between the parties.


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The story is expected to revolve around the nightmare seen by Will in which he sees the return of Davy Jones. This nightmare turns out to be real as Davy Jones is back, and he is hell-bent on taking revenge. There will also be entrails of new characters in the series. A female pirate is expected to replace our very own Johnny Depp. There is also a rumour that the movie may focus on Redhead. Redhead is the pirate wench from Isla Tesoro as it aims to shed the Jack Sparrow tag.


There is no any official news on the release of the trailer of the movie. But according to the timeline of the release of the movie, it could be expected in early 2021.

Does Davy Jones have a Son?

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Davy Jones was in love with the sea goddess Calypso.

In the post credit scene of the fifth film. Will and Elizabeth are sleeping in their bed together when their room is entered by the silhouette of an apparently resurrected Davy Jones. Just as Jones raises his clawed arm to strike at the couple, Will awakens and sees that the room is empty. Assuming Jones’s appearance to be a nightmare, Will goes back to sleep, oblivious to the presence of barnacles on the floor amid a small puddle of seawater, revealing it was no dream and that Davy Jones is really alive. But there are also some rumours that he was not Davy Jones but his son.

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