Pirates of the Caribbean 6 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer and What we are expecting?

Fantasy Swashbuckler films’ Pirates of the Caribbean is a loose adaptation of Walt Disney’s eponymous theme park ride. The producer, Jerry Bruckheimer made a fortune off the series. The most anticipated 6th instalment is expected to create havoc in Hollywood.

Anticipated Release Date:

The movie is expected to premiere in mid-2021 if everything goes well. Utmost delay can push the release date to early 2022. According to recent sources, the movie still in its early stages and is speculated to pick up the pace soon.

Star Cast:

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Almost all the leads will return to their roles in this instalment too. Rumours claimed that Johnny Depp would step out from the cast due to demands of steep payout. Though fans need not worry as the trailers confirm Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow. The casting team did not want to disappoint the fans so dealt with matters regarding the payout. Even they realized that Pirates of Caribbean won’t be itself without the real Jack Sparrow.


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The story is expected to revolve around the nightmare seen by Will where he saw the return of Davy Jones. This nightmare indeed turns out to be real as Davy Jones makes his return, and is relentless on taking revenge. There will also be entrails of new characters in the series. The return of the Kraken is also speculated to be a major problem faced by the main characters.

Trailer 1 & 2:

Trailer 1 and 2 shows Will’s nightmare of Davy Jones will eventually be true. The trailer promises some epic action and great visuals. Some scenes show the Black Pearl standoff against a fleet of ships. The eerie background music proves to be on point with the scenes from the trailer. The trailer ends with them entering a new world without worldly creatures.


Fans can expect mind-boggling visuals and extraordinary action sequences. Some epic ship battles will be put on the table. A whole new world of adventure can be speculated to unfold as they explore the bottomless abyss.

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