Taboo Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer and What about Colonnade, and will they be friend or foe?

James Keziah Delaney comes back to London. His goal is to rebuild his late father’s shipping empire. Also, he comes back during the war of 1812.

His inheritance is too precious and that costs him all the risks and threats. In other words, the government and his super colossal enemy both desire his inheritance.

They are willing to do anything for it. Be it a high currency or murder, they are determined to seek what they desire.

Release Date

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Source: Digital Spy

The official date for the second season to premiere is not yet announced. Also, the co-producer has spoken about the hopes for the coming season.

FX entertainment president Eric Schrier has said that talks are ongoing about a second season, but that its return is all on working around Hardy’s occupied schedule.

Predicted Cast

Tom Hardy’s James Delaney has a good chance of returning. There is heavy uncertainty about the return of the other members of the old team. We might see Stephen Graham’s Atticus but only time can unfold the accurate cast.

The Trailer

The trailer for the upcoming season isn’t released yet. This is because the filming hasn’t been completed yet. Watch this space for more updates on the trailer!

The Plot

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Source: Esquire

The second part of the series will revolve around Delaney and company as they continue to the shore of America. We will be able to witness their briefing with the US intelligence agent Colonnade. Hardy would be getting a deeper perspective into his late Mother’s Native American Heritage.

Some of the interesting and intriguing instances of the plot. This would include the mystery behind James’ tattoo. Also, we can understand and decipher the reasons for his clashes with the East India Company and Mark Gatiss’ Prince Regent.

What are your expectations from the second season of this unparalleled series? Share your curiosities and predictions in the comment section below!

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