The 100 Season 7 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer And Where Will Be Diyoza And Octavia?

The series has a very thought-provoking concept. It is set 97 years after the nuclear war which had shattered the human civilization. The series is fascinating to viewers who are keen on the latest developments in AI and spacecraft.

A spaceship that dwells the survivors sends back 100 juveniles to Earth. The objective to send back is to procreate the planet and begin human life once again. In other words, we can perhaps see the rebirth of humankind!

Release Date And Trailer

CW has firmly established that there is going to be a 7th season of the show. But at the moment, they haven’t fixed the official date of release. We are suspecting it to be somewhere in the midmost of 2020.

The trailer for the series has not been released yet but we are enthralled and curious to take a sneak peek!

Source: Variety

The Cast

Eliza Taylor will play the title role of the character Clarke Griffin. Octavia Blake will be taken over by Marie Avgeropoulos. Bellamy Blake will be played by Bob Marley.
Lindsey Morgan will be playing the role of Raven Reyes.

John Murphy will be played by the brilliant Richard Harmon. Henry Ian Cusick is the director of the show and Jason Rothenberg is the producer of the series.

Plot Twists And The Fate Of Diyoza And Octavia

Bellamy will try to get a picture of the events that happened with her sister and the reason behind them. We are super curious to see what destiny has to offer to Octavia. She seems to be dead but the possibilities of what could happen are boundless!

Diyoza’s character is going to be developed and we are excited to know what course the series takes on her! This season is going to have three more episodes in ratio to the previous seasons. The rumours also suggest that this might be the terminating season of the series.

Are you thrilled to watch the upcoming season? Let us know what twists and turns the series is going to take in your perception in the comment section below.

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