The Blacklist Season 8 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer And What A Fan Can Expect?

The Blacklist is a show that is a correct mixture of twisted scripts, fast-paced direction and amazing performances of the characters. The show when first hit our screens, was a hit and it could not be any better. The fans love it and do not have any patience for the new season.

The Makers

The show presenters, NBC is very proud for his show along with the presidents of the drama Lisa Katz and Tracy Pakosta. The entire team was pleased when they announced the premiere of the seventh season. The makers also congratulated the cast and crew about how they are the backbone of the series and how they are happy to continue the journey with NBC.

Source: Digital Spy

The Announcement

The makers also announced that the series is a signature series for NBC and this means that it is not supposed to end with the seventh season. But the fans still have a question. They are eager to know how the series will take a step. Considering the history of the last few seasons, one can expect that the new season might either come in September or October. We might as well assume that it will air in late September this year.

The seventh season leaves the audience at a cliffhanger and is stuffed with plot twisters, and it is difficult to predict what exactly will happen in the show. Even if you guess something, you won’t guess it right. The audience has always loved the show, and they suspect that the new season might answer many questions.

What Can We Expect

We will get to know more about Red’s identity. Although the sixth season did give us an idea, the exact knowledge has not been revealed. There still is plenty of mystery, and we want that the puzzle should finally be solved.

We are still waiting if the seventh season releases any information. If it does, it will have a significant impact on the eighth season. The fans want the makers to release a more as of now information about the new season.

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