Dark Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer and What Are The Major Changes For This Season?

Are you afraid of the Dark? If not, you might want to binge on the third season of the critically acclaimed Netflix show. The German sci-fi mystery thriller returns to Netflix on 27th July 2020.

The Season 3 Cast

The ping-pong of timelines has led to a long list of actors playing the same characters at different ages. Teen heartthrob Louis Hofmann will return as Jonas Kahnwald while Ella Lee will continue to play Hannah Kahnwald. Sandra Borgmann continues to play the apocalypse survivor Elisabeth.

Where Does The Show Take Us? (Spoilers!)

While fans of the show are used to the yo-yoing of time, new watchers might be confounded by the rapid switching of timelines. The show will continue to vacillate between 2020, 1987, 1954 and 2051 as more and more characters become aware of the wormhole beneath the power plant.

Season 2 ended on a cliffhanger as ‘New’ Martha emerged from a parallel world and apocalypse ensued. Season 3 will tell us more about where the ‘Old’ Martha is and how the revelation of parallel worlds will change the lives of the residents of Winden. Here’s a fanmade trailer that sets up the season. What about the Sic Mundus? We will probably get to know.

Source: The Digital Weekly

What Are The Major Changes?

The end of season 2 heralded a major turning point in the story of Dark. The countdown to the destruction of Winden reached its culmination with the opening of the portal between 2053 and 2020. The episode, titled “Endings and Beginnings” promises to herald a radically different storyline that will hope to live up to the tagline of the show, “Everything is Connected”. Fans will, however, need to wait to find out the intricate web that connects everything even as the world collapses around the protagonists. The parallel worlds introduced could well play a huge part in the survival of most of the major characters.

How do you feel about Season 3 and what are your expectations?


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