Rising of The Shield Hero Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer and What major changes will in this season?

One of the newer animes that have created a buzz over the last few years is ‘Rising of the Shield Hero’. In this anime, the protagonist is transported to a different world with no idea where they are. Touching sensitive topics such as child slavery and false rape, this show has a very specific fanbase. Well, for that fanbase, we have new information regarding season 2 of this show.

Release Date

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Crunchyroll finally is giving us Rising Of The Shield Hero Season 2. Junichiro Tamura, who is the business producer of the show has confirmed that the 2nd season is in production. And also, the release of season 3 will be confirmed, if the popularity remains the same then. As of now, the second season of the show is expected to air somewhere around 2021 but no official dates have been released but.


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Naofumi finally became a proper hero towards the end of season 1. So he decides to go out and defend other regions from the threat of the waves. However, the waves are weapons of heroes from another world making it tough for him to defend. Although, the finale cliffhanger tells us that Naofumi can now give his enemies a tough fight.


As the show is in production, Crunchyroll has yet to release a trailer. Although, Crunchyroll has given us a first look at an event.

Major changes that’ll be included in season 2.

According to the source material (manga), the show will have a different take on the story because producers have also announced a season 3 for the show. As the mange is short and doesn’t have enough content for 2 complete seasons. Most probably, it’ll take elements from the web novel and also take the pace of the story slow. For more details, you can have a look at this link.

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