Detective Pikachu 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer and Pikachu knows Tim’s Father

Pokemon fans across the world were very happy when Pokemon was launched in 2019. The whole Pokemon movie focussed on everyone’s favourite Pokemon Pikachu. Even though something related to pokemon was launched after a long time but it seems like that the fans were waiting for it seeing to the success of the movie launch. Ryan Reynolds gave the character a marvellous voice.

Of course, seeing to the grand success of the movie producers and directors must have already planned for the Detective Pikachu 2 movie.


We hope to see the core team in the movie already but will Ryan and his partner Justice return? Right now we can also suspect Reynolds to be the voice of Tim’s father too.

Justice will be Tim. Lucy Stevens will be the journalist who will be helping to investigate the case and Ken Watanabe as Harry’s friend Detective Yoshida. We want them to return for the sequel of the movie!


In the sequel of the movie, we might witness Harry and Tim going around again, together to solve all those difficult cases. However, we do not want the Pokemon to be voiceless like the real cartoon was in our childhood.

Source: Spark Chronicles


The sad news right now is we don’t have any story regarding the launch of Detective Pikachu 2 Movie. No trailer of the movie has been launched till now but we all waiting for it. Who knows a trailer of Detective Pikachu 2 might drop out of nowhere?

Pikachu knows Tim’s father

There are many relations between Tim’s father and Pikachu. Pikachu might even be Tim’s father in disguise who has lost his memory. We don’t know what can happen next! We all are eagerly waiting for Detective Pikachu 2.

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