Dying Light 2 Release Date, Game Play is stunning, Graphics are Amazing and how Harran Virus is Deadly?

Dying Light is the video game that was developed by Techland and was published by the Entertainment company Warner Bros. Interactive. This game theme is the first-person horror game filled with action-adventure in which the person needs to survive till the last.

The game was the first release in the first month of January for platforms such as Microsoft Windows, Linux, Xbox One, Linux and PlayStation 4.

Release Date

The game will most probably be released this year and all the games are too exciting. The official page is also giving us chills enough. The graphics of the game, the storyline everything in the game is very exciting in itself. If one is excited and can’t control their excitement then they can even subscribe to the newsletter and get updates on their email ID.

The latest images of the game that might come out soon have been released on the site.

Game Play is Stunning

Image result for dying light
Source: Steam

The storyline has been plotted very well and each graphic is very detailed in the game. All the colours have been picked out very well. The shade has been put out in such a way that the viewers remain glued to their screens. A video for the Gameplay premiere has also been released.

How deadly is the Harran virus?

Image result for dying light
Source: Polygon

Harran Virus is much like rabies. The zombies in the game are infected with this virus. Once this virus enters the body of their host it multiplies at a rapid rate and takes up the mind of the person they have attacked. Harran virus can attack people quickly. Even slight contact with the zombie in this game can lead to people getting infected with the Harran virus.

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