American Gods Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer And How Mr. Nancy Will return?

American Gods are precisely what the title suggests, and is quite a lot of what it doesn’t suggest. American Gods is a novel based TV show. Adapted from Neil Gailman’s best-selling novel, the show tells the stories of the gods of the old. It chronicles their journey from the inception of humanity till the present day.

The Story Until Now

The gods have been slighted, pushed to the dark corners of civilisations. There are the gods that have existed from the dawn of humanity, and now, they remain forgotten. New gods, like the ones of technology, of the future, have come into the game of the gods. And now it is up to the old ones to stir it up. At the centre of all this comes ex-con Shadow Moon, who has been thrust into the battlefield by his charming and enigmatic boss Mr.Wednesday.

Season One and Two of the show were released on Amazon Prime Video and were very well-received. Season Two released in March 2019, therefore we are sure that the third season shall only come out in 2020. There have been barely any details on the production of the third show, so we are sure that the release shall only be either in the spring of 2020 or later.

Source: Radiotimes

A Possible Season Three?

All the cast, directors, producers have chosen to remain silent and increase the suspense. However, we went to the source of the madness, Neil Gailman himself.

While he didn’t reveal much, he did say that The Walking Dead showrunner Chic Eglee shall soon be joining the cast. He conveyed his excitement to have him on the cast and mentioned them working on the new season together. He also mentioned that we should finally be seeing what The Lakeside is, a mysterious location often referenced in the books.

Most of the cast is set to return, with new additions including Chic Eglee and Marilyn Manson. Mr Nancy, however, we say with tears in our eyes, is not set to return. After a lot of debate, the writers of the show decided to stop the story of Mr.Nancy there itself. No trailers for the new season have been released yet.

American Gods Seasons One and Two are streaming right now only on Amazon Prime Video.

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