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Dark Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer and Why is Hannah staying in 1954?

Dark is the German series that you shall have to look out for. A series dealing with time travelling and inter-dimensional travel, Dark is something that you can only get addicted to. As of now, there have been two seasons released, and we are here today to break them down for you.

Too Many Unanswered Questions

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As Season two ended it left with us too many unanswered questions. Only time, and the new season three, of course, can tell us who the new Martha is. Many of the other characters of the series were seen going into other times and dimensions, and we shall probably be seeing all their adventures in the new season.

And the most important part? We shall finally know whether Adam is a real Jonas or not. And if he isn’t a real Jonas, then how did the stranger manage to impersonate and become Adam. There has been no trailer released for the latest season as of yet. You can, however, watch the trailer for the trilogy on Youtube right now as it streams. The trailer tells a lot without revealing much. We find out or rather don’t, whether Jonas shall be able to stop the apocalypse and break the cycle.

All these questions and more and surely going to be answered in the newest Season Three. Although it hasn’t released yet and there is little news about it. We do, however, know that Season Three shall be the last season in the series, hence completing the trilogy. Whether the show’s creators shall be dividing it into two parts, we do not know.

More Questions

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Now we answer another burgeoning question. What is Hannah doing, staying in 1954?

As you frequent watchers know, Hannah went into 1954 looking for Ulrich. But as is it with time-travelling, nothing goes according to plans. Hannah ends up falling for Egon and is presumably going to have an affair with him. This could probably be a reason for her staying back. This is, however, just a theory, a fan theory.

The cast stars Louis Hofmann As Young Jonas, Jordis Trouble As Katharina, Lisa Vicari As Young Martha, Mark Waschke As Old Noah, Andreas Pietschmann As Middle-aged Jonas and Lea van Acken As Silja.

Dark comes back with a Season Three on Netflix in the Summer of 2020. Stay tuned to know more.

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