Death Note Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer And What Will Be New?

Death Note has gained astonishing popularity in a very short time. It’s no wonder, is it? The anime has a brilliant plot and a simplistic storyline crafted beautifully. Heck, it’s even given us meme-worthy moments. Few can claim not to have seen the “I’ll take the potato chip and eat it meme”.

When Do We Get To See It Again?

We don’t know when- or if – the show will come back to Netflix. Although there are hints of a live-action movie. And there’s still source manga to cover which the anime missed out. For diehard fans, there’s still the Japanese version on Netflix. Meanwhile, the widely panned Death Note 2: The Last Name exists for some reason. Live-action movies are coming thick and fast though and there’s a Japanese special for the series too.

Source: villains.fandom

Who Might Be In The Cast?

Mamoru Miyano will likely return as Light Yagami with Kappei Yamaguchi as L. But it seems too premature to discuss the cast as nothing is announced yet. While you wait, it is definitely worth it to catch up with the manga. The story is absolutely smashing. The video games don’t look great but give you a great way to explore the story.

What Do We Know About The Plot?

The first season covered most of the manga but there’s still a good bit left. We definitely hope to see more of the anime but there’s nothing definitive about Netflix picking up the series. Madhouse, the producer is off doing other things too so don’t expect the next season before 2021. There’s a lot of stuff to binge while you wait, though. Have you seen One Punch Man?

The common connection between the Shingamis offers Netflix a great opportunity to create an anthology out of one of the most popular anime ever. Let’s hope they pick up on it!

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