Dying Light 2 Release Date, Game Play Is Stunning, Graphics Are Amazing And Where Is Aiden Caldwell?

If you love video games, Dying Light has got a piece of good news for you. The game is about the survival of a person in the open world through action and adventure. The video games will engage you in all sorts of adventure trips from where the player has to get his character out safely. In the world of video games, the “story” of the game sounds basic, but it has a lot of things planned for you.

The Makers

The game is developed by Techland and is published by the Warner Bros.; The same company is all ready to release the second version of the game. The first version was a great success, and by looking at the success of the game, the makers have planned to release the second version soon. So, we have good news, that the second version of the Dying Light game would be released soon.

The New Version

The new version is set in a time zone that is fifteen years ahead of the original. The setting of the plot is the last greatest place with human settlement. The player turns up at a place called Aiden Cladwell where it comes in contact with some infection and along with that he gains exceptional parkour skills. He can do many actions like jump, slide and make another tough choice.

Source: Polygon

Where Would It Release

The trailer for the new sequel is out on YouTube, but we still do not know about that the release date of the new version. The game will be released on XBOX Series X and PS5. The makers were initially aiming to release it in Spring 2020, but they happen to need more time for development for the full version. In some interviews, the makers apologised to the fans for the wait, but they had given them hope that it will release soon.

CEO Pawet Marchewka has confirmed that the game will be releasing very soon and there is more than the players will like to see it. The game has new features and new adventures and will give more features and graphics to the characters. The sooner it releases, the sooner the updates will be released.


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