Glow Season 4 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer and What will Carmen’s next move?

After the fans of the drama-comedy show Glow were disappointed when they heard that the show would be returning but for the last time. The show has already completed its three seasons, and now it will be returning for its last but not the least season. We don’t seem to have much information about the new season, but all we have got will help you a lot to know what is planned.

About the New Season

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The fourth season will show its gorgeous ladies taking the final leap towards wrestling, and they take a final bow. The third season ended when the group was transported to Vegas from their homes in Los Angeles. However, Vegas seemed to be not very supportive for the ladies. It proved to be a pause button for them.

The fans loved the first three seasons, and they cannot wait for the fourth season to be released. The fans are excited and are at the same time disappointed to know that the fourth season will be the last one. Netflix announced the released of the final season of Glow through its Twitter account by providing a movie made with clips from the previous three seasons.

The Announcement

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Source: The Daily Beast

The cover of the video read “Feel the Glow One last time”. The cover title itself filled the hearts of the fans with sorrow. The announcement was made in September last year. The season is said to have a total of 40 episodes and will follow the same order as the previous seasons did.

The writers of the show have returned for the new season, and they have poured their heart out to write it. They also opened up their emotions of how they feel that the last season will go on. They said that they always knew what they had in mind with the characters, and they have a perfect ending to the story.

About Carmen

The viewers are not sure how Carmen would be fitted into the new season, because the last time we saw her, she was ditching the squad in Vegas. She takes up a contract with his brother to go and join the professional wrestling tour. But deep down, Carmen knows what makes wrestling interesting for the mass audience.

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