Knightfall Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer and What will be new?

We’ve all had our share of bad movies. And lousy TV shows. Like, what was that last season of Game of Thrones even? Some TV shows refuse to follow the path that they’d make sense following and end up doing their own thing. Knightfall is one of them. IT just refuses to die out. Knightfall season 2 was pretty bad. It was one of the worst seasons on History TV. And yet, a 3rd season might be on the cards. Here are some details.

Terrible Stories, Incredible Casting

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The show was joined in Season 2 by none other than Mark Hamill, and we expect that he shall be returning. Season 2 was definitely a disaster which was possibly only saved by the actor himself. He shall be joined by Tom Cullen and Patrick Delaney and newcomer actress Genevieve Gaunt. However, nothing’s set in stone, and the show’s fate is still unclear. While the show hasn’t been off the best lately, the actors have done a fine job, and we hope everything turns for the better.

As I have mentioned maybe countless times before, Season Two, was terrible. The story was vague and slow-moving. The scenery was drab, and nothing exciting seemed to happen. In the quest to seem realistic in their portrayal, they ended up coming off as insensitive. However, there is still an existing plotline in the show that is interesting enough. On top of that, the actors have consistently done a fine job, and there’s hope that they shall do even better further on.

No Confirmations, No Consolations.

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Through this all, however, we’d like to remind the reader that there has been no confirmation as of yet of the renewal of the show, so, we can only wait and watch. Maybe it shall come back; maybe it won’t. I guess it’s all down to Mark Hamill’s acting skills and the writing department of Knightfall now. I hope the poor ratings of Season 2 act as a wake-up call and pave the way for a refreshing Season 3.

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