Overlord Season 4 Release Date, Trailer, Cast, Plot And What Is Written In Novel Series?

The wait for the Overload season 4 was a long one. Fans who were series as well as Japanese Manga lover, 2020 has finally bought a piece of good news for you all. The novel series Overload was written by Kuganr Maruyama. It was then illustrated as a proper show by Somin.

The readers read it in 2015 but the anime lovers could witness it only in 2015. There have been 3 seasons which have been aired already and the 4rth season is planned to be released out soon too.

Release date

The last season was released in 2018 and then two years later we are waiting for the 4rth season now. The release date has not been out yet but we expect it to be in 2020 only.


Two years after the long wait of Overlord Season 4, we are going to have the show out soon. Right now the trailer has not been released and fans are still waiting for it to be out so that we get a little insight into the show.

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What’s the plot and who is in the Novel?

Overlord seasons have witnessed a lot of characters in the show but the main protagonists are Momonga and Albedo. Various theories have been going on to know about what could happen and what are the twists and turns we might see.

What is written in the Novel?

By now everyone must be knowing that the Overlord is a novel adaptation. Its about connecting with the virtual and the real world. The online role-play game shuts it server down and an own reality springs up. However, one of the characters is still stuck back in the game. This character goes around to find others who might have been stuck too.

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