Pirates Of The Caribbean 6 Release Date, Cast, Plot Trailer And Who Was Davy Jones’s Son?

Pirates of the Caribbean sea was a famous movie inspired by the Disney theme park.

Release date

The work for the Pirates of the Caribbean sea has already been started and the writers are continuously working on the script. So one an say that the movie is still in its early birth stage but the 6th movie can be out by the year 2021. The film was initially planned to be released this year but better late than never.


We all know Kaya Scodelario returns to the movie already but will Johnny Depp come back? There have been many rumours flying here and there regarding the possibility of him not coming back for the movie due to his problems in money and personal lives too.

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The movie is expected to be in 2021 and still in the writing process so we do not even know if we will see the trailer this year or not. No news of the trailer has been out yet.


Will has a nightmare where he sees the coming back of Davy Jones. But it is the reality as Davy is stubborn on getting his revenge. It is expected that a female pirate might be the replacement of Johnny Depp. The movie could also be focussed on the pirate from Isla Tesoro who had shed the tag of Jack Sparrow.

Davy Jones’s son?

At the post-credit of the movie, we notice that Will and Elizabeth are seen in the bed together. Jones comes back and strikes them but then Will wakes up. He assumes that it’s just a nightmare he had but the evidence around says otherwise. But some theories say that was Dacy Jones’s son we had seen.

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