Resident Evil Season 1 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer And What Are The Timeline Of Events?

Resident Evil was a very famous horror movie with the genre of science-fiction. The movie ran around the theme of Capcom’s survival with filled horror inside a video game. The studio of Germany known as Constantin Films had asked to turn this series into a movie.

Now resident evil could be seen soon on Netflix. This streaming service is very popular among teenagers, especially for its series and films. Zombies of the Resident Evil could now be witnessed soon on Netflix too and we can’t wait.

Release date

No news of the release date is out yet but we seriously expect it to be released by the year of 2021.

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Nothing has come from Netflix’s side but the cast could be a serious surprise to us. Millia Jovovich was the protagonist in the six movies so we might see her. One can also expect Ali Larter and Spencer Locke too.


The darker theme will be the main room of the movie. The outbreak of the T-virus and all the drama is going to make Resident evil season 1 exciting. We are also hoping for Resident Evil signature assets like the easter eggs. Netflix did share a little plot but it was rubbed out. Secrets of the T-virus are yet to be released.


The movie is still in its initial stages so we don’t know when can we expect the trailer to be out but we hope it comes out soon.

Timeline of events

The prep of the movie has started and the production is expected to work from April 2020. The shoot could take place from June 2020 to October in South Africa. The release might be at the beginning or mid of 2021.

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