American Gods Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Plot and What’s New?

American gods Third season will be out soon and we can’t wait now. The show is a setback to thousands of years back. Americans have their gods in their place and all gods are nowhere. The movie is extracted from one of Amazon’s bestseller novels. Some of the old gods are forgotten. The old gods now fight against ex-con Shadow Moon who battles against them. A lot of things will take place in the third season of American Gods and we are waiting for all of it to be revealed.

Release of American Gods Season 3
April 2017 was when the first season was released and March 2019 was the release of season 2 of American Gods. Seeing the shift of events around we expect Season 3 of American Gods by June or July next year.

Who will be in the cast?

We don’t want a rocky ride in the Season 3 of the show. But we can expect Ricky Whittle as the Shadow Moon, Emily Browning cast as Laura Moon, Ian McShane as Mr Wednesday and the whole of the core team.

Source: Radiotimes


Shadow runs to be master of the town of Wisconsin. Shadow in the show is running around to reveal his true identity to himself first.


The trailer is not out yet but honestly, it is expected to be out by the next year in the Comic-con.

What’s new?

Marilyn will be joining with the team of American Gods in season 3. The cast has given some interviews and us already some news to and fro in the air already. The actors and actresses of the show are all up discussing things with their fans on social media trying to increase the interaction with their audience.

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