Glow Season 4 What Should You Know? New Plot, Everything About Upcoming Series and Latest Update

There are some shows on Netflix that are your usual. Sweet, charming, with a dash of salt. There are others which are poignant and leave a mark. And then are those, in the seedy underbelly of the streaming giant that leave you moved and confused at the same time. Uncovering harsh realities with a smile on their face and stains in their hands, these shows are the ones to look out for. And one such show is GLOW.

If you are a stranger to this show, the same as I was a few days ago (till I went and binge-watched the entire series), then welcome to all you can know about GLOW.

What is GLOW?

In a word, GLOW stands for Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling. And the show? Is precisely about that. The show chronicles the stories of a myriad of ladies from all marginalised walks of life, trying to find a field where they can belong, and earn some money. Award-Winning actress Alison Brie stars as Ruth “Zoya the Destroyer” Wilder. Her story is of a narrative all of Hollywood loves to explore: that of a failing actress, looking for an ‘unconventional’ role.

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Where it all Begins

Ruth Wilder is looking for roles of important, strong and independent women roles. But all she can find is that of the shy and well-spoken ones. That is until her agent sends her to the sets of GLOW. She finally finds where she belongs at GLOW.

Along with a team of badass women, from all walks of life, of all races, each is struggling from their problems. GLOW is a make-believe TV show featuring female wrestling, with women of all shapes and sizes competing against each other. Though generally racist in terms of dialogues and costumes, GLOW manages to be a considerable attraction to even the sizeable conservative audience.

A Possible Season 4

Despite low ratings and it is relatively unknown in the world of what is predominantly an era of fantasy, myth and even romantic-comedy shows, the show received critical acclaim for its quirky commentary on discrimination against women. And much like the women itself, every idea communicated was hard-hitting and poignant. The series has continued for three seasons now, and though there is no official confirmation of a fourth, there are talks that there shall be one. Comment and let us know if you’d like to find out more about other Netflix shows coming out this summer!

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