Grace And Frankie Season 7 Hilarious Expectations For Release Date, Latest Update, New [CAST] & Many More

The story of the unlikely friendship between two recently divorced women is set to return to Netflix for its seventh and final season. Season 7 is confirmed but there’s no release date yet. Early 2021 seems a likely release date though, if not before.

Who’s In The Cast?

All the principal cast members will return. Jane Fonda as Grace, Lily Tomlin as Frankie. Sam Waterson as Sol. Veteran Martin Sheen will return as Robert. Brooklyn Decker will reprise her role as Mallory as well. There don’t seem to be any additions to the cast as of now.

Expectations And Plot

The show has explored the depths of the turbulent lives of Grace and Frankie. The writers have been elusive about the plot. They did confirm however that the story will explore more in-depth about Robert, Sol, Grace and Frankie in a “different manner” as revealed by Marta Kauffmann. The fans are experiencing a bittersweet moment as they are keen to see the show back but also dread this being the final season.

While the first season was criticised widely, the subsequent seasons have received widespread praise. Fans especially love the undeniable chemistry between Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin.


The show has had its fair share of controversy. Upon release, Lily Tomlin criticised the creators for the parity in the salary of the female leads and the male support cast of Martin Sheen and Sam Waterson. Sheen and Waterson then went on record to support the increase in salary for the female stars. The controversy culminated with the two women retracting their statements and stating that they were taken “out of context”.

The season marks the end of the show however and we hope that it will have a ton of twists and turns, and more importantly, a great ending.

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