Hocus Pocus 2 Hilarious Expectations for Release Date, Latest Update, New Cast And Many More

20 years ago, a movie made the rare foray into the horror-comedy genre. It wasn’t a huge hit but over time, it has racked up quite the fan following. Now, the freakishly directed comedy is returning with a sequel on Disney+, which might release as soon as early 2021.

What More Do We Know?

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For starters, a little about the first movie. The movie basically dealt with three witches burnt at stake in 17th century Salem. Eventually, a clueless kid comes around and lo and behold! There are the witches! Oh, and there’s a talking cat. All in all, pretty mundane for a 90s horror-comedy.

Now, we know that a script has been developing since 2017. Initially, the movie was pegged as a reboot for Disney Channel. However, in October of 2019, the rise of Netflix forced Disney to reconsider a sequel on Disney+. The script is obviously being re-written. Jen D’Angelo (Workaholics) has been roped in to write the movie.

What About The Cast?

Rumours are that some of the original cast are likely to return albeit not in their former roles. Given that this is a sequel though, the original cast might just fight right in. Plus, they’re used to fighting the witches anyway. Sarah Jessica Parker, Kathy Najimy and Bette Midler are reportedly on board with the cast soon to be made official.

The cult classic is guaranteed to get a ton of laughs as the goofy horror genre is set to get a new twist.

What’s Interesting?

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How will the movie provide a new take on burning witches? Will it be along the lines of Spielberg’s It movies? We know very little of the sequel as Disney has it tightly under wraps. It is also possible that with Disney spending massively on original content, this movie will get railroaded through production and arrive sooner than expected.

We await eagerly!

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