OA Season 3 Hilarious Expectations for Release Date, Latest Update, New Cast; Many More

The series is known to be a mystery drama, but it is so much more than that. The series comprises of plenty of thrilling Science and super fictional fantasy elements. The show revolves around the protagonist named Praire Johnson. The story is as follows, a girl who after disappearing for seven years, came back home. The girl goes away while playing a cryptic game.

Although, it turns out that the girl was blind and now she can see. She calls herself OA and still carries the scars and illusions of her trip. The girl is very secretive about what she experienced when she was gone, and she does not want to disclose it. She is although close to the officials and her parents, she decides to keep it to herself.

About the Show

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The girl forms a team of five people from her neighbourhood, and she guides them to tell her story in writing. Through that, we get to know that the girl went to another dimension and was held captive. She wants to save the others from that torture, and she frames those people to get her to find her captives.

The Cast

The cast of the show includes Felice Smith, Brit Marling, Emory Cohen and Scott Wilson. Along with them, we have Sharon van Etten, Brendan Mayer and Alice Craig. The first season of the show was released in 2016 and had amazing reviews from both the fans and the critics. The second arrived very soon, in 2019.

The Announcement

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The announcement of the new season came as a shock to the fans. No clear announcement of this decision was made. The makers have continued to say that they were very disappointed with the ending of the show. The fans themselves started a campaign named #SavetheOA on social media on various platforms.

Many of the fans are happy that the new season is coming as they will get the answers to many questions. The makers have promised that the season will have more thrilling adventures and bending storylines. The release date has not been released yet, but we can expect to have on our screens very soon.

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