Pirates of The Caribbean 6 Hilarious Expectations For Release Date, Latest Update, New [CAST] & Many More

The extravagant series of the movie, The Pirates of The Caribbean has established a firm fan base and the actors and the makers are very happy to see such a response. The hilarious drama adventure movie is so amazing that the fans cannot get over with. We cannot turn off our screens whenever this movie is playing.

About the Movie

The first five parts of this comedy-adventure movies are out. And people love it. The makers have announced the sixth set of the movie and they have anticipated it since a very long time. Disney has equipped the project, and it has made sure that it is the one who is going to produce the movie.

The new part will be the sequel of the fifth part of the movie, which was released in 2017. This time, the makers have announced to sign Craig Mazin and Ted Elliot for writing the script for the new film. And like the other parts, this movie will also be directed by Joachim Ronning.

The Worries

The fantasy of the Pirates of the Caribbean has done so well in the last five parts, and the makers expect the sixth part to be the same as successful as the others. The creators of the movie are a little worried about how are they going to pull off the movie without Johnny Depp.  It is rumoured that the fans might not see him in the next part.

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What Makers Think

To hide this problem, the writers are planning to come up with a new concept of a feminine captain to fill in the shoes for Captain Jack Sparrow. The makers feel that it is a significant step towards the social issues of gender equality. The plot of the movie has not been announced. We are still looking forward towards the thrilling adventures of pirates.

No matter what the new part of the movie will bring out. The most amazing part of this announcement is that the viewers are subjected to guess the most of the storyline without the captain Jack Sparrow. However, the excitement is on.

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