Death Note Season 2 Hilarious Expectations For Release Date, Latest Update, New [CAST] & Many More.

The apple loving ‘merchant of death’ is back to lend his notebook of mass murder to one lucky person (or unlucky). So prepare for a brand new season of scintillating and breathtaking suspense, criminal cases, supernatural events, fantasy and a new ‘Kira’.


We have our favourite shinigami, Ryuk along with the new ‘L’ (earlier known as Neer). To play the role of the antagonist to L’s protagonist, a middle-schooler named Minoru Tanaka is being introduced to us. The shinigami offers to make a contract with him. Apart from them, we might have a few old faces to look forward to in the upcoming season.

Release Date

The shinigami is now back to write some names down. Death Note returned as a one-shot manga sequel on the 4th of February. As far as it’s anime adaptation is considered, no official release date has yet been confirmed by the production house. And it all boils down to the success of the manga released.

Source: villains.fandom


Written by the legendary ‘Tsugumi Oba’, this one-shot manga gives a brand new story that follows the event of the last series. Minoru is the smartest middle-schooler in Japan. Ryuk (our favourite shinigami) is the one to have a contract with him. Moreover, the story is taking place in 2019. This also means that the new ‘L’ (Neer) is now 28. So now we can hope to see a wonderful new scuffle between these two characters for protecting their brand of justice.


In what way is Minoru going to use the death note? Will we see criminals getting what they deserve? Will Minoru outsmart than ‘L’? Is ‘A Kira’ (L refers to Minoru as A Kira) smarter than Light Yagami?  His use of the book will be more reckless or more cautious?

The story will answer all these questions. And as the story is now set in modern times, we are going to see some new adjustments in the system. For example, tracking and keeping an eye on someone is now much easier. Minoru needs to consider this.

What we can expect is a whole new take on how to use a powerful weapon of destruction and death. A new fight for what is right where we get to choose our side. Also, the way Minoru is going to use the book is going to be very different than Light Yagami did. A game of cat and mouse with both of them having IQ beyond our understanding. And at last, a new face to trust him with the future of the world and how to deal with criminals (Minoru or L).

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