Grace And Frankie Season 7 What Will Be New Storyline, What You Should Know Latest Update

Grace and Frankie is a show that resonates widely with viewers due to its extremely relatable plot. It wasn’t always so, but the show is going strong and is likely to get its 7th season in early 2021.

What’s The Story?

The show has explored the depths of the turbulent lives of Grace and Frankie. The writers have been elusive about the plot. They did confirm however that the story will explore more in-depth about Robert, Sol, Grace and Frankie in a “different manner” as revealed by Marta Kauffmann. The fans are experiencing a bittersweet moment as they are keen to see the show back but also dread this being the final season.

While the first season was criticised widely, the subsequent seasons have received widespread praise. Fans especially love the undeniable chemistry between Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin.

This is the final season though, so we will get the closure we so eagerly await. This season will also have 16 episodes.

“We know as much as we can know without having actually written [season 7],” Marta said. “Things change during production, and things you thought were going to work phenomenally just don’t. We think we know where we’re going, but I’ll let you know when we get there if we stuck to that plan.”

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What Do Fans Need To Know?

The show is inspirational. It tells you to to look beyond your past and move on. We hope to see the adorable duo, with their confidence renewed. We will also miss the numerous quips and slips that remind us that we’re after all, only human. And to err is to human.

The show promises to end with a bang as Kauffmann is known to be strong here. Personally, I can’t wait to find out how Grace and Frankie say their final goodbye.


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