Death Note Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, What new Trailer is showing and what can be the future of series?

The Shinigami thriller that enthralled million way back will be returning for a second season. It was confirmed by the writer Liz Feldman. The previous season gained astonishing popularity and the new season is also expected to do the same.

Release Date And Trailer:

There is no official date confirmed by the sources yet. We don’t when- or if- the show will return back to Netflix. For the die-hard fans, there’s still a Japanese version on Netflix. We will have the trailer delighting us pretty soon.


Kappei Yamaguchi will likely return as L along with Mamoru Miyano Light Yagami. It seems to be too early to discuss the cast as nothing is yet announced. It will definitely stand worthy to catch up with the manga.

Source: villains.fandom

What Can Be The Future Of Series?

The first season covered most of the manga however there’s still a bit left. While there is no confirmation of plot yet it seems the sequel will continue where the first film let off. In the first film itself, the rules of death note got some pretty big changes. Whether new rules would be added in the second film remains to be seen. The set of the season might also be changed. Still, there is a lot of stuff to binge while you wait though. We hope that the new instalment brings for us a visual delight and assure us yet another promising season.

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