Resident Evil Season 1 Release Date, Cast, Plot and Why Fans Are Worried About It’s Future?

Fans of sci-fi horror thriller Resident Evil have news to rejoice as the series is coming to Netflix soon. The franchise has done everything except TV shows but that’s about to change soon.

Release Date And Cast

We heard rumours about Arklay a prequel, back in 2014. That didn’t work out too well, though. While there’s no release date yet, the show is definitely coming to Netflix and will explore the workings of the infamous Umbrella Corp. The massive success of the video games makes a TV show the obvious way to go, especially with The Witcher doing exceedingly well. Although details are thin, we know some things. The series will be set in Raccoon City. It will feature the usual elements true to Resident Evil. There will be a ton of zombies, of course, and the T-virus. There will also be “easter eggs” throughout the show.

While Milla Jovovic has headlined the movies since 2002, we don’t expect her to star in the show. At best, she divides fans and it might be wise for Capcom to separate the TV show from the movies. We know almost nothing about the cast, but expect some gruesome CGI zombies to definitely be there.

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Why Are Fans Worried?

Fans have repeatedly been disappointed by the baseless rumours of a TV show. Not only this, but the movies have struggled recently. Fans worried about Capcom calling it quits on Resident Evil can rest easy though. A reboot of the films is also in the works. Not only this, there’s a new video game in the works too with Ethan Winters set to return. Fans can rest easy, knowing that Capcom has no intention of abandoning the franchise any time soon.

While there’s no trailer yet, we’ll see one very soon. Plus, the lure of original content is too much for Netflix to resist right now, so expect this one to be railroaded through production.



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