Locke and Key Season 2 When will it air?, Who can return?, Plot, Trailer and Where are the Keys and whow to find them?

Would there be a second season of Locke & Key? When would it air?

Locke and key have recently become the new member of the latest comic books that were adapted by Netflix. The Umbrella Academy, as well as The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, have already been [art of this club for a long time.

The comic by Joe Hills as well as Gabriel Rodriguez had been in the making for a decade. There is a high chance that the fans are eager to watch the second season as the hits of the first season suggest.

Is Season 2 of Locke & Key confirmed?

There is no official announcement currently made by Netflix, but it is to be expected as Netflix usually announces a new series one month after the launch of a new season.

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When could a Second season Air?

At such time, there is a high chance that our prediction could be off, but it’s estimated to come in around February 2020.

What is it about?

After the murder of their father Rendell Locke Tyler, Bode and Kinsey moved in the Locke home called Keyhome together with their mum Nina. As they settle in their new house, they discover an array of Mysterious keys which gift the founder with magical powers. But a devious demon going by the name of Well Lady and Dodge does not let them take the keys easily. The season they had ended when Tyler, Kinsey and their Friends pushed Dodge (which they thought it was) back to the Omega door in the caves. Bode also managed to get his friend Rufus, attacked by Dodge earlier.

Who could be in the cast of the second season?

These are just speculations, but it could be true to some extent.  If a second season would air, we predict that the main cast would not change. But we could expect some appearances from Connor Jessup, Robert Scott and Emilia Jones.

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