OA Season 3 When will it air?, Who can return?, Plot, Trailer and How Prairie Survived and what will happen?

Netflix’s The OA is nothing you have ever seen before. The Near-death experiences, consciousness and inter-dimensional travel, the first seasons have some jaw-dropping twists and visuals.

But there is a piece of bad news. Though the co-creators are developing a third season of the story, Netflix has cancelled the release of The OA.

Although it has been cancelled, for now, we can still try and predict what it could have had.

Could There be the third season on TV

As Netflix has already confirmed the cancel of the show on it, we should still be able to expect it on TV, can we though?

The fans of the show are very patient regarding the release of a new season as there was a nearly two and a half year gap among the first and second season. As there is not a specific chapter length, we could need to wait for a long time. In other words, if another service decides to produce a new show, we would need to wait for a long time.

What could be in the third season?

If the season ever airs, there a few things which we can expect. At least what Ben-Adir says.” I know where it’s going in the next season, which is NUTS! Like, unimaginable! Genuinely! Like, not even in a way I’m trying to sell it – It’s crazy!” told him.

Source: Thrillist

Season 3 cast; who could make it in?

According to Ben-Adir’s remark for a ‘crazy’ third season, we can expect the character-Karim Washington- to return for the new season. There is also the chance that this may be different from the truth. At this point, even we are not sure. But we can be sure on the fact that the New season would include Prairie Johnson. Not only is she an integral part of the story, her adoptive name, But The OA is also the show’s title.


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