Overlord Season 4 When will it air?, Who can return?, Plot, Trailer and What is the story from the Novel?

The Must watch anime Overload is quickly about to come with a new season. The viewer that have already watched all 13 episodes of season 3, they are in for a treat concerning a new season. As the final season aired recently, officials have not stated any accessions on the new season.

The earlier three seasons contained 13 episodes based on three mild novels. It is predicted that the fourth season would mostly be based on the tales from quantity 10-12 from the mild novel.

What is the Official date of the new season?

As the newest season has just released, we can never be sure so soon when the next season starts. We may be wrong, but it is estimated that we might need to wait another year for the fourth season.

Expectations from the Next season?

In season 3, we saw Ainz Ooal, the Protagonist, starting to set up the sorcerer’s kingdom. If we use this as our start, we predict that the new season would begin with him setting it up and performing as the new king. According to the novels, we can expect Ainz Ooal to assist adventures to discover new unknown jobs. There are many fan theories regarding the Protagonist, so we never are so sure what can come in the new episode.

Source: Union Journalism

Spoilers for the New Season

In the new season, the Protagonist would surely be overpowered. As he stated, as Kugane Maruyama loves to write op stories so he would meet his parent’s expectation. He told that he plans for Jircniv to feature in Volume 9 and 10.

In the last season, The demi-humans were caught and imprisoned. As they had no choice but to attack the religious human nation, the nation seeks help from the Re-Estate Kingdom and to get relief from the demonic attack.

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