Sherlock Season 5 When Will It Air?, Who Can return?, Plot, Trailer And What Can Be Seen In Season 5?

Sherlock Holmes will be back for another season of complex and unsolved cases. Or will he?

Being one of the most anticipated crime-mystery detective show to ever grace the silver-screen, Holmes has touched many hearts. The show had breathtaking deductions of complex and intricate cases. Moreover, the cast involved was amazing. Martin Freeman was amazing in his supporting role of ‘Dr. Watson’. And of course, Benedict Cumberbatch was the star of the show.
So the main question that has fans biting their nails and scratching their scalp off remains. Will we receive another iteration of the show ‘Sherlock’?

Possible Release Date.

Well, to be completely honest, we are not sure. But according to certain sources, we can expect it to return for the 5th season, which is completely uncertain. And even if it happens for sure, it won’t happen before 2022 or 2023.

Source: the global coverage

Probable Cast.

As the production of the show has yet not started, it is very uncertain as to who might be cast in the show.
But for starters, the original cast consisted of Benedict Cumberbatch (Sherlock Holmes), Martin Freeman (John H. Watson), Mark Gatiss (Mycroft Holmes), Louis Brealey (Molly Hooper), Rupert Graves (Inspector Lestrade), Andrew Scott (Professor Moriarty), Una Stubbs (Mrs. Hudson), Amanda Abbington (Mary Morstan) and many more.

Plot & new to see.

The show is yet not confirmed to return, so we can only speculate about the story-line or plot. But one thing is for sure. The writers have to come up with a new plan and threat for Holmes to face. As they have already covered his family, arch-nemesis and a few more, they surely have to bring something new out of their sleeves now.


The trailer for the show is still not available. But for our enthusiastic fans and readers, we have a link below for the recap of the story so far.

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