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Detective Pikachu 2 Is It Renewed Or Cancelled; Rumors About Its future, Upcoming Details About Next Movie

Source: Looper

The most famous rodent since Mickey Mouse is set for its own feature film. The live-action Detective Pikachu 2 will be the first live-action movie, based on the 2016 Pokémon video game Great Detective Pikachu, will hit cinemas soon.

Is It Renewed Or Cancelled?

Considering the release of instalment one after the production between January and May 2018. Considering the same scale we couldn’t expect the sequel before late 2020. Of course, that’s still all conjecture at this point, but watch this space for updates.

Source: Spark Chronicles

Upcoming Details About Next Movie

Ryan Reynolds will be back only not voicing Detective Pikachu, but playing Tim’s father, Harry Goodman. We can also assume Justice Smith’s return as Tim Goodman and of course, Pikachu is back on the adorable “pika pika” dialogue. Other potential returnees include Ken Watanabe and Kathryn Newton.

You may have gathered until now that the plot details of the Detective Pikachu 2 have been kept under a wrap until now. We could mainly make out that it’ll almost follow the continuing adventures of Tim and Harry. The sequel could see both of them solving crimes together. While the Pikachu and the other Pokémon remain voiceless. But at this moment in time, we cannot really predict what form the sequel will take. There was no post-credits scene in the first movie to tease the sequel. So we’ll be waiting for the first footage for some time yet.

There is no reason to think that the upcoming film will be a prequel of any kind. It will definitely leave us all astonished with its set and storyline. Let us expect the most mesmerizing visual treat.

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